I’ve been drinking wine for literal decades and I recently heard the Wine Talk Radio Show and realized that I have some really valuable wine opinions that I should share. I disagree pretty consistently with these hosts but I respect their opinions and expect they’ll respect mine in turn.

I’m Gloria, I live right around here, and they stopped even trying to put my calls through to the radio show hosts a few weeks ago and I will not be silenced! So here we are! I called in to ask if they’d be mad that I took their name, but they wouldn’t put me through so I assume that it’s fine!

My favorite wines are Prosecco and Cabernet Sauvignon. And I like everything from a $60 bottle to a $10 box of the stuff. I don’t believe that you have to spend $100 for a decent bottle of wine – I mean have you ever perused the wine section at Trader Joe’s!

I’ve heard from girlfriends, TV and movies that Italy and France are some of the best places to drink wine on Earth, but I love the local Michigan wine just fine and I can’t imagine anyone anywhere can make it any better! Why is everyone so obsessed with Europe anyway! It’s not as good of a country as America, they don’t value freedom, and they all speak a different language! How do they get anything, let alone making and drinking wine, done? I don’t buy it!

I’m proud to live in a country that values freedom, greatness, justice, and the people. So why we outsource our wine is beyond me! Hopefully President Trump will put an end to this. Until then, when these “wine experts” on the radio tell me which wine to buy – I’m gonna find the American replacement to share with all of you!