More on that wine hangover. To avoid letting it ruin your entire day, I have some suggestions that took me a full decade to find and another decade to convince myself to do. They work, trust me!

  1. Wake up early: this sounds like the worst possible option, but the sooner you get up and start taking care of yourself while getting back to a routine, the sooner your hangover will subside and the less it will interfere with your time.
  2. Get outside! Wherever you fell asleep is poisoned with the memories and smells of the night that provided your hangover. Go outside, if even just for a walk around the block, to get some fresh air and put things back into perspective. Don’t over-exert yourself. Just don’t give in to the desire to stay in bed all day long wallowing.
  3. Even if you’re so sick that you’re vomiting all day, drink water. Water is your body’s best friend and this is especially true while you’re suffering from symptoms of a hangover – which is basically just alcohol-related dehydration.
  4. Shower in cool water. This will jumpstart your metabolism and make you alert. This is perfect for right after your little walk. If you follow these four steps, you should be feeling better by 10am rather than just waking up and realizing what poor shape you’re in.
  5. DON’T LISTEN TO YOUR IMPULSES and eat greasy food or have hair of the dog. Eat healthy protein-rich easy-to-digest breakfast like oatmeal or a protein shake.
  6. If you have to go out into the world an DO STUFF, do all of the above and then have a cup of coffee, a 20-minute caffeine nap, and then get up and get yourself ready for the day. The hangover portion of the day will drift away into your memory of what could have been!

And please be sure to drink wine responsibly. I think a big reason people are so proud of their wine-knowledge is that it’s the most acceptable form of alcoholism in America. Because I don’t want to get sued for your poor choices (although if you do decide to sue me, may I recommend these lawyers in Gulfport, MS), I’d like to remind you of some safety precautions when out drinking: 1. Don’t drink and drive, 2. Drink water, 3. Keep yourself surrounded by responsible drinkers, and 4. Anytime you have to make a significant choice while drinking, type it into your Notes in your phone first – if it’s actually a good idea, seeing it written down will reinforce that; if it’s a bad idea, seeing it written down will help you sober up and get yourself home!