On the radio today they were discussing why bottles remain the best wine receptacle because of the historical significance of the bottle, its reusability, how it keeps the wine and/or lets it age depending on its needs, and the benefits of the cork. And then last night, I met a girlfriend for a drink and when I ordered a glass of bubbles, they delivered it to me in a can! A CAN! IT was delicious! So I’ve been doing some wine-in-a-can research!

Cans are lightweight, cheap, recyclable and great for wines that don’t need to age – and what is the real benefit of letting wine age in the first place?! Further, canned wines are typically light, fresh, fruity and fizzy – those are my favorite wine adjectives!

  • Infinite Monkey Theorem is a delicious wine in a can and the can itself is a conversation starter! This wine is made in Denver and they offer a white, red, moscato, pink and a pear cider. This is a delicious light sweet wine to be enjoyed in good company at the beginning of an evening!
  • Union Wine Company’s Underwood wine in a can is a half of a bottle of wine IN ONE CAN so that is a good one to carry around a party where you know nobody but want to appear affable while getting a suitable buzz going. It’s juicy, fruity, with hints of strawberry and cherry. It’s delicious. Pick up three next time you’re at Whole Foods! And this one is made in Oregon so you don’t have to worry about funding secret European takeover plans when buying this guy! 😉
  • Fiction by Field Recordings is delicious bubbly wine so it gives you that satisfying CRACK when you open it. They make this one in California and if you like the bubbles, you’ll love the sauvignon blanc!

One trick I advise as you explore your wine palate is to match your wine intake with water intake every evening you spend out consuming. A wine hangover is a special kind of beast that can take up an entire Sunday or Wednesday. Usually it entails headaches, exhaustion, feelings of disgusting-ness, stomachache usually accompanied by vomiting, hunger which cannot be cured due to the vomiting, and sensitivity to sound, lights and odors.

To avoid this, I advise matching your wine intake with water intake in real time. So for every 6-ounce glass of wine, drink at least 6 ounces of water. Inconvenient, yes. But necessary. And try to eat an entire meal to accompany your wine – this will mitigate hangover and also stop you from becoming too drunk by surprise.